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Ultimate Bug Out Kit

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Quick Overview:

The Ultimate Bug Out Kit is the only solution for serious preppers who want to ensure they are more than adequately equipped to handle any emergency and survival situation. This kit is jammed packed with everything you need in your time of distress. It's no wonder that this is one of our best selling kits!


Get ready to bug out with confidence knowing you have one of most comprehensive bug out kits on the market, providing you with all the tools, gears, and supplies necessary for survival.  The bug out bag includes a bright orange pull-out flag you can use for alert warning when necessary as well as a gun strap to conveniently free your hands while traveling.

The Ultimate Bug Out Kit Includes:

Food and Water - 72 Hours of adequate nutrition & water is provided in the kit with a shelf life of 5 years. 
06 - 4oz Water Pouches
06 - 400 Calorie Food Bars (2400 Calories)
10 - Water Purification Tablets - each tablet purifies 1 liter of water

Light and CommunicationsAll the supplies you need in case of a power outage or a blackout with a basic radio to stay connected to the world.
01 - Dynamo 4-in-1 Flashlight (Flashlight, Radio, Siren, Charger)
01 - 30 Hour Emergency Candle
01 - 24 Hour Green Emergency Glow Stick
01 - Box of Waterproof Matches

Shelter and Warmth - Basic materials to keep warm or shield you from the rain, wind, or other extreme weather conditions.
01 - Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag
01 - 16-20 Hour Body Warmer
01 - Orange Poncho with Hood

Tools - We've provided a variety tools essential for urban survival. These tools are extremely versatile and perform a wide range of tasks.
01 - N95 NIOSH Dust Mask
01 - Roll of Duct Tape
01 - 50 ft. of Nylon Rope
01 - 16 Function Swiss Army Style Knife
01 - 5' x 7' Blue Tarp
01 - Waste Bag
01 - Multi-Function Shovel (nail puller, hatchet edge, saw edge, hammer, wrench with 3 different sizes, a bottle opener, a water filled compass, a waterproof container. Inside the waterproof container you will find a box of matches, 2 nails, a sharp razor blade, fishing line, bobbers, and hooks)

Hygiene and Sanitation Basic resources to maintain hygiene and sanitation at appropriate levels.
01 - 24 Piece Deluxe Hygiene Kit
03 - Pocket Tissue Packs

First AidLarge first aid kit to help in any simple injuries, wounds, and other medical condition.
01 - Guardian 65 Piece Deluxe First Aid Kit

Other - Useful items that are often neglected and forgot about. 
01 - Deck of Standard Playing Cards
01 - Note Pad
01 - Pencil

All backpacks no longer have the "survival kit" stitching on the bags. We're done this to eliminate any safety concerns regarding the embroidery potentially making people 'targets' in a time of distress. We are working to update all our product images to reflect the recent changes.

Additional Information

Dimension 18" x 12" x 7"

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